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Loyalty DNA Points

You can earn DNA Points every time you order – all you need is a free DNA Genetics account which will be created for you upon checking out.

How does it Work?

  • Every order you place earns DNA Points.
  • Every $1 you spend on seeds is worth 1 DNA Point.
  • 10 DNA Points are worth $1.00.
  • Convert your DNA Points into store credit with ease to get money off your next order.
  • You do not need to sign up to action the DNA Points Loyalty Scheme, when you make your first order it will activate your rewards and points automatically.

The Benefits

  • Money off any future purchases, you do like discounts right?
  • The more you spend the more in DNA Points you can accumulate.

What will earn me Points?

  • 10 DNA Points when completing your first Order
  • 1 DNA Point for every $1 you spend 
  • Some promotions increase the value of your DNA Points.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must have an account with us, which is created upon checking out for the first time.
  • DNA Points last for 365 days, so you have a full year to use up what you have accumlated otherwise risk loosing what you have saved up.
  • DNA Points can not be traded or moved over to other member accounts. 
  • If you delete your account you will lose your DNA Points.
  • The DNA Points you earn when placing an order are based on the item costs. Shipping and voucher codes are excluded.
  • If you cancel your order then any DNA Points you were credited will be deducted.
  • DNA Points can only be exchanged for this store as money off vouchers.
  • We may withdraw or amend the DNA Points scheme at any time.
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