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Nu Nu Pre Release Pack


Nu Nu Pre Release Pack – 7  Brand New Strains | 6 Feminized Seeds per variety

  1. RP 43′ AKA Richard Petty (RP 43′ s1)
  2. Autobahn (Biscotti Sherb x RP 43′)
  3. Melted Mocha (Swiss Miss x Challah Bread)
  4. Slot Machine (Golden Fortunes x RP 43′)
  5. Black Eye Baker (Four Prophets x Kosher Kush x Challah Bread)
  6. Challalope (Chocolope 256 x Challah Bread)
  7. 3Peat (Holy Grail Kush x Kosher Kush x RP 43′)

Limited to Only 420 units

Previously released during Free Seed Day on April 15th, now available to DNA Genetics customers online for remaining units.

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